Information Technology and Systems

The IT and IT unit is responsible for answering questions and problems and maintaining the systems of all integrated users, and all software used by the units is installed, operated and managed by the unit.

Duties :

Preparation of computers (Windows installation, drivers, general software, printers, …)

Maintenance of computers (Windows update, antivirus, etc.)

Set up network services for users (Internet, file sharing, email, …)

Installation and commissioning of specialized software

All activities related to (Passive) and (Active) network and network management and infrastructure creation and network security are the responsibility of this unit.

Duties :

Maintenance of Servers and Databases of each (Windows Update, Antivirus, Database Backup and Software Implementation Policies …)

Create and maintain the security required for all network-level services and access to various software and server security policies.

Install the required operating system and software (eg SQL Server) and set up and configure the servers as needed.

Creating and setting up new networks needed (network needs assessment, implementation solutions, implementation tracking and implementation, etc.)

Providing communication to users, IT departments and contractor companies

Distribution and management of Internet bandwidth and implementation of major Internet policies

Managing Internet Users (Hours of Access, Level of Access, …)

Creating the necessary network services (email, FTP, etc.)

Configure the security of existing servers

Integrated network maintenance

Needs assessment, procurement and maintenance of all computers, peripherals and hardware

Integrated Site Management: Maintaining and Managing Site and Blogs and Social Pages

Duties :

Providing service to faulty systems and equipment (repairing them if possible within the unit, otherwise sending them for repair and follow-up)

Identify the need for computers or peripherals and provide complete specifications for purchase

Providing specifications and IDs for all computers and updating them

Responsibility for moving computers at the complex level

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