Nowadays, most companies find themselves in a dynamic and fast changing environment, so R&D units have a special place and work to improve market conditions and produce new and competitive products. Prior to the commissioning of the Potash Complex and the exploitation of the brines for the production of mineral salts, there was little practical research to extract the mineral salts from the available resources in the country. They have been tasked with creating a strong R&D unit in addition to R&D activities related to Potash Khor and Biobank Complex which include product innovation, process improvement, market development and more. Also research on other sources of minerals Do.

 Lithium extraction in brine and drilling mud

 Conduct feasibility studies for the construction of chlor-alkali plant

Identification and measurement of rare earth elements

Synthesis and Manufacture of Ermoflot

A) Contracts and theses

B) implemented by the complex

List of Research Projects Completed by Scientific Centers as Research Contracts:

Extraction of valuable minerals from the final brines (calcium chloride, magnesium hydroxide)

Design and manufacture of crystallizer refrigeration ejector to reduce solution temperature and material crystallization

Design of chiller cryogenic crystallizer to reduce solution temperature and material crystallization

2- Providing basic engineering for calcium chloride production by neutralizing lithium chloride with acid and drying the calcium chloride solution.

2- Preparation of basic engineering for production of high purity magnesium sulfate from waste from brine lime

2- Providing basic engineering of magnesium hydroxide production with high purity of 5% from the effluent of solar evaporated pools

2- Preparation of basic engineering of high purity magnesium sulfate production by reaction of tachyhydrate with sulfuric acid

2- Preparation of basic engineering of production of calcium phosphate from soil phosphate and hydrochloric acid

Student dissertations

5- Investigation of Solar Evaporation Pool Wastewater in Fluid Sand Consolidation in Egyptian Village as New Mulch in Student Thesis

Carnalite Flotation Tests Using Jameson Flotation Cell in Student Thesis

2. Recording several articles in the field of soil consolidation using the effluent of solar evaporating pools

1. Registration of 2 papers on magnesium hydroxide production

Projects carried out by various sections of Potash Complex

Evaluation of the effect of increasing circulating soluble calcium chloride concentration on flotation

Test Flotation Kinetics

2- Increasing the efficiency of the flotation operation of the potash plant of Khorobiabank

Determine the rate of kinetics of carnalite flotation collected in year 1

Semi-industrial potash production (including: flushing, flotation and decomposition)

2. Feasibility of carnalite flotation process using column cell

Calculate the radius required to charge the rod rod

Examine the feed aggregation of the potash plant for launch

2- Preparation of flotation agent (effect of circulating soluble temperature and acid and armoflot addition sequence)

Production of potassium from high salt carnalite by direct flotation method

Project Carnalite Depot Plans and the impact of rainfall on it

1- Checking the mass balance at the plant (with proposed amendment)

Calculate Carnalite Decomposition Ratios using Excel

Forecasting changes in the density of brackish pools using Excel

2. Evaluation of concentrations of potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium in salty Playa salts at different densities

Examine the amount of sediment from the process solution

Checking Floating Rate by Armoflot 2 and Collectorini

Examine water permeability in clay

2- Project of anti-foaming in carnalite flotation to prevent foam formation after flotation

Designing the basic engineering of the dietary salt production process

2- Project to calculate Carnitinal Efficiency of Year 2

2- Feasibility studies for salt production (dietary-potash-oral)

Measurement and evaluation of lithium extraction methods

Design and manufacture of column flotation and carnalite flotation tests

Design and construction of a spray carrier with a diameter of 0.5 m and a semi-industrial one with a diameter of 2 m and conducting drying tests of calcium chloride solution and effluent from solar evaporated pools.

Design and manufacture of a pilot production of potassium sulfate from the reaction of potassium chloride and sulfuric acid.

4. Application of Solar Evaporation Pool Wastewater for Melting Snow and Ice in Laboratory Formation

Design and Construction of Solar Evaporation Pool in Clay Playa Plate to Evaluate Evaporation and Leakage of Saltwater

2- Production of medicinal potash with a purity of 0.8% in pilot form

Design and Manufacture of Crash Roll for crushing and aggregating industrial salt

Design and construction of vibrating screen with different granularity

2- Investigation and measurement of the effect of nitrate ion on the purity of calcium chloride produced from the effluents of solar evaporating pools

Bentonite injection testing and monitoring its effect on reducing leakage of solar evaporated pools

5- Performing initial tests for antique cake use at Potash Factory

4- Feasibility of Nitrate and Lithium Extraction from Potash Salts of Khoru Biabank

Repeat experiments with magnesium hydroxide and calcium chloride

2- Optimization of carnalite flotation process of Potash Khor and Biabank plant

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Always a leader in production …

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