The city of Horbubanbak is at 55 degrees 05 and 07 seconds east of the Greenwich meridian and 33 degrees 46 minutes and 34 seconds north latitude from the equator. From east to south Khorasan province, south to Yazd province, north to Semnan province and west to Anarak district of Naiin city. The city with a total area of 11,000 square kilometers is located in the easternmost point of Isfahan province, at a distance of 420 kilometers from Isfahan.

The harbor is the center of a large city and the village of Biabanak, and it is found in the dialect of these Avestan and ancient words. Khor means the sun and the guardian angel is the sunshine and representative of what is done on the day of eating (eleventh day of every solar month).

4,000-tonne factory of rubber profits by the private sector

Caustic soda

An odorless, white chemical, it is a highly corrosive, soluble caustic soda solution that has many applications in many industries. Sodium hydroxide, or caustic soda, is one of the most widely used chemicals in the manufacturing industry. The use of caustic soda in various industries is due to the alkali properties as well as the fat solubility. In some cases, this chemical is referred to as grease based or industrial grease.

Factory for calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide

Calcium chloride

Calcium chloride with the molecular formula CaCl2 is the ionic compound of calcium and chlorine and is a salt that is solid and soluble in water as a simple ionic halide at room temperature. The molecular weight of this compound is 2.5 g / mol. Other names for calcium chloride include calcium chloride, calcium chloride, calcium dichloride. Its appearance is in white crystals. Calcium chloride is available in both edible and industrial grades

Dietary salt:

A low-sodium dietary salt suitable for people with hypertension and diabetes is a product that is high in natural potassium and has a reduced sodium content of up to 5% and contains other effective minerals. It is no different in taste and color from ordinary edible salt. It is produced with the knowledge and efforts of native potash specialists and ready for industrial production.

Potassium sulfate plant

After nitrogen, potassium is the most important ingredient in plants. The presence of potassium in the trees improves the taste and quality of the fruit, thereby increasing the marketability of the product. The look of this product is solid white.

Potassium Sulfate (SOP) with the chemical formula K2SO4 is a chemical compound with a peculiar ID of 245.7. Its molar mass is 174.259 g / mol. The appearance of this compound is white solid and is one of the important salts of potassium. When chlorine ion is harmful to the plant, it is best to use potassium as a sulfate. Due to the high salinity of our soils and the presence of chlorine ions, the use of potassium sulfate fertilizer over potassium chloride has priority and does not cause chlorine poisoning in the plant. According to the latest statistics released in the fall, by the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce’s Information and Services Portal, the total capacity of active potassium sulfate producing plants in the country is 3 tons. Currently there is no export for this product as the country is a wholly importer of this product and domestic production does not meet a significant percentage of the country’s demand. On the other hand, about 6,000 tons of potassium sulfate has been imported into the country in the past year. Therefore, Imidro plans to build a 6,000-ton unit of potassium sulfate, while preventing currency outflows from meeting the agricultural demand. In this regard, while providing the necessary infrastructure, Imidro is ready to attract investors from the private sector. The construction of this unit will create a total of 5 jobs.

Carnalite production in Playa

carnalites in Playa

Implementation of this plan will increase the production capacity of the Potash plant by at least 6,000 tons. In this project, as an employer, Potash Complex provides the contractor (private sector) with the necessary infrastructure (water, electricity, etc.).

Purpose of the project:

1- Increasing the production capacity of carnalite raw material (potash processing plant feed) in order to realize the nominal production capacity of the plant

2- Maximize the potential of the Khorobiabank potash mine

3. Utilizing technical knowledge and capital of the private sector

4- Production of by-products such as salt

Implementation of this plan will increase the production capacity of the Potash plant by at least 6,000 tons. In this project, Potasse Complex as an employer will provide the contractor (private sector) with the required infrastructure (water, electricity, etc.) and the contractor should use its technical, financial and operational capability while digging extraction costs. Brines and evaporative pools to produce carnalite. The employer will also be committed to purchasing productive carnalite guarantees.

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