Biabanak & Khour City

The city of Horbubanbak is at 55 degrees 05 and 07 seconds east of the Greenwich meridian and 33 degrees 46 minutes and 34 seconds north latitude from the equator. From east to south Khorasan province, south to Yazd province, north to Semnan province and west to Anarak district of Naiin city. The city with a total area of 11,000 square kilometers is located in the easternmost point of Isfahan province, at a distance of 420 kilometers from Isfahan.

The harbor is the center of a large city and the village of Biabanak, and it is found in the dialect of these Avestan and ancient words. Khor means the sun and the guardian angel is the sunshine and representative of what is done on the day of eating (eleventh day of every solar month). .

Art in the desert

The desired site: Tasty Farm

This complex has an area of 15,000 square meters. The potential potential of this sector, which has the potential for development and effectiveness in attracting tourists, are: water storage, dock and pond, and fruit gardens. From this site, titled & laquo; Art in the desert & raquo; Named for the purpose of familiarizing tourists with artistic and artistic works of indigenous and non-indigenous people, such functions as the exhibition of arts and crafts, temporary educational classes (in the field of visual arts, crafts and astronomy), restaurants and coffee shops For this plan, it is foreseen.

Waterfall in the desert

Site desired: Salt Village

This village includes salt suites, salt lake, evaporative pools, salt and swimming pools, salt salt waterfall, sports-leisure facilities, night sky observation site of the tourist attraction area of Potas Khorobiabank Complex in the form of mineral tourism, geotourism tours. (Geotourism) and Health Tourism welcomes travelers to the Central Desert of Iran.

Nature in the desert

The site you are looking for: Kamalabad Farm

The farm has an area of 190,000 square meters. The complex consists of 25 blocks of traditional dwelling houses, of which 4 units can be rebuilt, and the rest will create significant opportunities. Its strengths include the agricultural fields and the keeping of animals in the area, which is a gain in money, and the opportunities available on the farm can be seen on the aqueduct of the complex and the hill overlooking the farm. Given these potentials, this area & laquo; Nature in the desert & raquo; Named and functions such as wildlife park, camel area, water park (with water cycle), residential suites and renovated residential units.

Exercise in the desert

The desired site: Kamalabad Farm

This complex has a total area of 230,000 square meters. This site is titled & laquo; Exercise in the desert & raquo; Named for activities such as sports and green areas, a wide range of sports exercises for soccer (beach soccer and beach volleyball), archery and tennis, archery and motorcycle racing, carting and alpine skiing, swimming pools and indoor playgrounds We’ve got