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Khor Playa is approximately 2 km 2 located in the lowest area of ​​Khor catchment due to the influx and evaporation of surface and groundwater and sedimentation over several thousand years of porous salt crust with an area of ​​over 2 km 2. Has emerged. At its head is about one billion cubic meters of brine at a salinity of 5 g / l, containing a variety of valuable salts. Khor Playa is recognized among the top 5 potash of Iran with the highest grade of potash (0.5 g / L) and has been considered by the mining sector. In the discovery of Playa, from 2 to 5 more than 5 rings have been excavated and studied. Accordingly, the exploration and exploitation of cost-effective mines was estimated to be cost-effective in the years 1 and 2, with the prospecting of a suitable and environmentally-friendly exploration operation, followed immediately by equipping operations. In fact, the playa brine was operated by drainage. The digging of the canal, well and deep pit is accomplished. From 3 to 5 years, in two separate phases, a total of 3 km of canals and 2 wells and 2 deep wells have been dug in Playa. The average density of Playa brines is estimated to be about 2.5 grams per cubic centimeter, and the brackish water level in the salt crust is located 2 cm above the ground and usually rises to high levels after precipitation that the brines appear on the salt surface and result in Lake formation is seasonal. On average, 1 kg of salt and 2 kg of potash can be obtained per cubic meter of playa brine, while other valuable products such as magnesium and calcium can also be processed during the potash production process. The plan is to collect and extract 4 million cubic meters of brine a year in Playa, which will be transported through a pumping station and pipeline about 2 km long to be deposited in solar evaporation ponds, and at the end of the process, NaCl and Carnalite. KMgCl3.6H2O precipitates in the bed of the pool. Carnalite is actually a potash feedstock and after chemical and physical processes, the potassium product (KCL) is obtained.

The Mehrjan Playa is very important in the vicinity of the Khor Playa with an area of ​​2 square kilometers and can be exploited as a lateral storage of the Khor Playa. Farrokhi and the geological map of Khor and located in Isfahan province. As the maps show, Mehrjan Playa is located 2 km south of Mehrjan village and 2 km southeast of the city of Khor.

Jundaq Playa, about 4 km 2, is located on the west side of the Jandagh-Damghan asphalt road and has been undergoing preliminary exploration activities in year 6.

Due to the experience of Evaporation Salt Potash Complex on the southern coast of Sistan and Baluchestan province, an area of ​​about 4 square kilometers has been set up for registration and obtaining the necessary permits and maps have been provided. The target area comprises more than 2 estuaries ranging from 1 to 2 km 2 along the Oman Sea coast from the Pakistani border to the eastern border of the province near Jask port. Therefore, the first step of exploration services description is compiled and provided as a basis for project implementation and is ongoing. The most important actions taken in the Chabahar area are:

1- Collection of past information including reports and maps of the area

2 – Initial Zone Record

3 – Action to modify the coordinates and increase the width of the area from 1 to 2 km 2

4 – The stage of visiting, sampling and conducting exploration activities in year 2

5 – Design and determination of drilling and sampling points and routing of most wells

6 – Drilling more than 3 trenches and providing surface logs of the valleys

7 – 5 times sampling of water and saltwater estuaries

Preparing and submitting first, second and third quarter reports.

Taroud Playa is located in the north of the central desert of Iran, with a surface area of 2 square kilometers, which provides access to and exploitation of exploration operations.

Exploratory information of Torud Playa

Title the amount of  the unit the unit the amount of the unit
Width of Playa Record Range 6140 square kilometer Extent of Playa salt crust 3500 square kilometer
Year of Exploration Implementation 1383 1385 Number of zones and exploration blocks 8 zone
Surface sampling number 6065 Sample Number of explored boreholes 187 Ring
Well 105 Ring Core drilling 22 Ring
Non-core drilling 60 Ring Exploratory drilling network intervals 5×5 Kilometers
Total drilling area 2383 Meter Core drilling 496 Meter
Powder drilling 1886 Meter NaCl brine medium grade 207 G / l
Average grade Kcl brine 97/3-3/2 G / l

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